Ariocarpus Research

Ariocarpus fissuratus v. lloydii - Nazas, Durango

The "Ariocarpus Research" web site is dedicated to the study of the extraordinary "living rocks" of the genus Ariocarpus.
I have a very ambitious plan for this site but what you now see is some freshly uploaded test pages, I am doing this on my own (learning html and css) so please bear with me. For a start I will upload a couple of photo galleries to please your eyes and then I will add some basic but useful cultivation guidelines. Once fully unfolded "Ariocarpus Research" will include separate sections for each taxon with useful information, photographs from Habitat and Cultivation, pages on Cultivation, Environment & Conservation, Taxonomy & Classification, Habitat Study Sites, Photo Galleries and much more. Unfortunately this will not happen overnight so stay along for a long and interesting journey.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for information and suggestions.

Dr Andreas Laras -